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A Grand Cayman Must-Do: Starfish Point

Located only 15 minutes from Stingray City on the Northern coast of Grand Cayman, Starfish Point is a laid back, secluded beach with shallow, clear water dotted with Red Cushion Sea Stars. This protected stretch of sand is aptly named “Starfish Point” and is a Grand Cayman must do. Fun fact: We love starfish so much, we included one in our logo!

While you can travel there by foot and car, it’s best experienced by boat. Most people will charter a boat from a tour operator, like Five Star Charters Grand Cayman, and make sure Starfish Point is on the itinerary. This location is easily incorporated in a trip to Stingray City, Seven Mile Beach, Rum Point and Kaibo Beach.

What are Starfish?

Red Cushion Sea Stars, Oreaster reticulatus, are the primary starfish you will see at Starfish Point. These beauties range from 6 inches across to up to 12 inches, and beyond, in adulthood. Adult starfish are reddish in color and the babies are more of a greenish-brown.

Most have 5-arms and yes, it’s true, they can regenerate lost arms! To best interact with the starfish, you need to slow your pace to match theirs. Once you do that you will realize that they aren’t just stiff and unmoving, they are actually climbing on your hands and flipping around you.

The starfish naturally live here and come into the shallow water looking for food and are so easy to see from the surface that snorkel gear isn’t even needed. This is the perfect place for swimmers and non-swimmers alike as the water is calm and about knee-deep.

Starfish Point is a Grand Cayman must-do and we’d love to share it with you. Book your private luxury charter now to Starfish Point Grand Cayman!

Be Careful with Starfish at Starfish Point

“Let us be good stewards of the Earth we inherited” – Kofi Annan

Here is where we get serious for a bit so bear with us. It is our obligation to protect nature and preserve it for future generations. That is why it is imperative that you understand a bit about starfish BEFORE you visit Starfish Point. Starfish won’t hurt you, but you can greatly harm them if you don’t follow this simple rule:

Please do not take the starfish out of the water.

Starfish need the water to breathe and eat. If they are out of the water, even for a few minutes, it can cause them serious injury, and can even result in death. The good thing is the water is shallow and the starfish are photogenic, so it is unnecessary to lift them out of the water to get that amazing photo. Having a waterproof camera will allow you more freedom to get up close and personal with the starfish without harming them.

Did you know it is illegal to take the starfish out of the water and there is a hefty fine that can be assessed to those who break this law? The starfish population is dwindling, in large part to mishandling by human beings, so we must do our part to protect these amazing creatures for generations to come.

Ready to Visit Starfish Point Grand Cayman?

Okay, the serious part is over and now it’s time to get back to the fun and visiting Starfish Point Grand Cayman is an absolute blast!  Starfish Point is a Grand Cayman must-do and we’d love to share it with you. Book your private luxury charter now!